Guwahati Startup Summit 2018

Guwahat Startup Summit is a flagship initiative of Technology Incubation Centre-Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. It is intended to build a strong echosystem for nurturing innovation and Startups while also empowering them through design, networking, collaboration and funding opportunities. The Read more

Konjengbam Darunkumar Singh

Faculty In-Charge Web: Phone: (0361) 2583191 (Office) Email: inchargetic [AT]  

Kulendra Kr. Roy Choudhury

Assistant Accounts Officer Phone: (0361) 2583194 (Office) Fax: (0361) 2583194 Email: kulendra [AT] Email(Office): tic [AT]

Samarendra Das

Attendant Phone: (0361) 2583194 (Office) Fax: (0361) 2583194 Email(Office): tic [AT]