Workshop on 19-January-2017 for OIL supported start-up

In response to Startup initiative of Govt. of India, Oil India Limited (OIL) created a Startup fund to foster,
nurture and incubate new ideas related to oil and gas sector. The action plan is being made towards implementation of start-up scheme of OIL in an effective manner.
The OIL Start-up fund is specifically created to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in north east part of India. Initially, it is preferable to limit the start-ups in about 5-6 areas benefitted from medium to long term perspective. In the immediate short term, we look into the prospects of engaging and encouraging already existing start-ups in the following identified areas:
(a) Addressing environment concerns, particularly by treatment of drilling fluid and produced formation water etc.;
(b) Monetising flared gas in satellite fields;
(c) Renewables;
(d) Ageing pipelines issues;
(e) Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
For implementation of the initiative, it is decided that the process of developing Start-ups should be taken up with Technology Incubation Center of IIT Guwahati. In line with the OIL supported start-up, Technology Incubation Center of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG-TIC) is organizing a workshop in association with Oil India Limited (OIL).
Date: 19 January 2017
Time: 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Venue: Virtual Class Room, CORE-III, ACADEMIC COMPLEX, IIT Guwahati
The main agenda of the workshop is:
(a) Brief about start-up initiative of OIL
(b) Problems related to the identified areas
(c) Requirements from IITG-TIC
(d) Application Procedure
(e) Interactive session
Interested parties may join in the workshop. Participants from outside Guwahati may join the workshop through video conferencing facilities from institutions having connection through National Knowledge Network (NKN).