Admission Procedure

The application for admission to the IITG-TIC is to be made to the Faculty In-Charge, IITG-TIC in the form of a Pre- Application Questionnaire (PAQ) (Annexure-A). The application will be scrutinized and if found suitable, the applicants would be asked to submit a formal application with a detailed proposal comprising the following:

a. Business Plan/Executive Summary.

b. Schedule of plan i.e. entry to the IITG-TIC and projected duration of incubation. The companies will be permitted to stay in the IITG-TIC, for 24 months with a provision to extend the same for maximum another 12 months.

c. Intellectual Property Declaration Worksheet.

d. Application for Soft Loan (if required)

e. Details of infrastructure requirements. This should include the Office Space (in square feet) number of computers (depending on requirement), Internet Connectivity, Telephone etc., any special laboratory facility or R&D support needed from IIT Guwahati.

f. Justification for choosing the IITG-TIC for incubation. The Business Plan will be scrutinized by a team of experts having relevant technical and financial expertise. Once the team permits, the company will be asked to give a presentation highlighting the critical aspects of the business plan before an Evaluation Committee comprising members of the Council of Management of IITG-TIC and the team of experts. Subsequently, the final recommendation of the evaluation committee would be forwarded to the competent authority for approval.