Services & Facilities

Individual Infrastructure Facilities

  • Office Space as per the requirement
  • Personal Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Telephone Connection
  • Office furniture
  • Accommodation: Subject to availability


Common Infrastructure

  • Conference room with projection equipments
  • Photocopier
  • Fax Machine
  • Laser Printer
  • Scanner


Institute Infrastructure

  • The incubatee would have access to department/Institute Infrastructure as per the norms of IITG. They can get expert opinion on legal & financial matters apart from technical issues as and when required on chargeable basis.
  • The incubatee would be accessing library of IITG for reference.
  • Medical facilities will be made available on chargeable basis.


Soft Loan

IITG-TIC may provide soft loan which entirely depends on the availability of Funds/Grants/Schemes meant for the purpose. IITG-TIC will be approaching Government /Private agencies/Public Sectors for grants through projects, whenever the opportunity arises. The guidelines of the Funding Agency need to be adhered before the disbursement of loan.
Soft Loan will be sanctioned only to the registered Companies. Admission to IITG-TIC shall not automatically entitle Companies to Soft loan. The total loan available for incubation depends on the criteria of the Funding Agency. The soft loan is available upto 80% of the Project Cost.


Supports Provided

  • Business Support: Provides assistance in company formation, provides assistance for Regulatory Clearances, Vetting Business Plans, etc.
  • Technical Support: The incubatee companies are provided with support of Laboratories, Workshops and Library of IIT Guwahati as per the norms of IIT Guwahati. Besides, the Mentors, who are faculty from IIT Guwahati provide full Technical support. Testing facilities are also available in the IIT Guwahati for incubatees.
  • Financial Support: The IITG-TIC provides financial support to the Incubatee Companies in the form of Soft Loan with minimum simple interest, from the funding agencies.
  • Legal Support: The Incubatee Companies would also be assisted by the Legal Advisers of IIT Guwahati as and when required on chargeable basis.
  • Networking: The IITG-Technology Incubation Centre provides Networking with Domains Experts, Consultants, Venture Capitalist and other funding agencies.